Service Animal Rule Updates

Service Animal Rule Updates


Service Animals: Frequently Asked Questions
If you have questions regarding service animal regulations, read this helpful article which gives answers to frequently asked questions. Questions include: What is a service animal? What is the difference between a service animal and a comfort/emotional support/therapy animal? Read full Northwest ADA Center article on service animals

Acceptable Service Animals Include Miniature Horses

Tip from AH&LA
You may know that dogs can be service animals, but miniature horses are also protected and must be treated like service animals. Never ask for papers or other proof of an animal’s status as a service animal; however, you can ask two questions – is this a service animal required because of a disability, and what work or tasks has this animal been trained to perform.

Gone To The Dogs: Rules on Service Animals to Become Much Stricter
By James J. McDonald
Regulations issued in 1991 following the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) required that public accommodations (which include restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, theaters and concert halls) modify their policies, practices, or procedures to permit the use of a service animal by an individual with a disability. Essentially this means that service animals accompanying persons with disabilities have to be admitted to establishments with policies otherwise excluding pets or other animals. Read full hospitality update from Fisher & Phillips