WLA and WRA combine membership and communications teams in advance of combined operations.

WLA and WRA combine membership and communications teams in advance of combined operations.

(June 16, 2015) The Executive Committees of the Washington Lodging Association and the Washington Restaurant Association have approved transition plans for communications, membership and business development in preparation for combining operations by October 1, 2015.

Under the approved plans for member services, the WLA and WRA membership teams will start working together in July, and area coordinators who already work with WRA members will begin reaching out to WLA members in August. The unified hospitality association will have ten area coordinators based around the state working with restaurant and hotel members. WRA’s current area coordinators have close ties to the communities and businesses where they work, and they are well positioned to engage members in the new association.

The WLA and WRA communications teams joined forces in May to expand members’ access to information and resources. In July, WLA member properties and allied member businesses will receive Washington Restaurant, WRA’s monthly magazine, which will have an in-depth look at the merging of the two associations.

A branding process for the new association will kick off next month, and the new name and logo for the unified hospitality association will be unveiled next summer. The WRA and WLA logos and websites will continue to be used until the launch of the new brand.

The business development department will work with allied members to deliver an expanded array of services to members. It will also oversee signature events currently produced by the two associations, including WLA’s Annual Convention & Trade Show and the Northwest Food Services Show.

WLA and WRA are joining forces to deliver even greater value to their members and to increase their capacity to act quickly, with greater resources and greater impact, to meet political and regulatory challenges at both the state and local level. The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding on April 7 that is serving as a blueprint for combining forces.

If you have questions or comments about the creation of the new hospitality association, please email info@walodging.org



Creation of stronger, unified hospitality association moves forward with signing of memorandum of understanding (April 30, WAlodging.org).