AH&LA 2015 Policy Agenda Addresses Priority Issues Important to the Health and Success of the Hotel Industry

AH&LA 2015 Policy Agenda Addresses Priority Issues Important to the Health and Success of the Hotel Industry

(January 27, 2015) American Hotel & Lodging Association President and CEO Katherine Lugar unveiled AH&LA’s 2015 Policy Agenda in the following letter to AH&LA members.

Dear AH&LA Member,

Our 2015 Policy Agenda covers the priority issues most important to the health and success of the hotel sector, which as you know is a major driver of job growth in this nation. The 12-page agenda has us focusing on a wide-ranging yet targeted portfolio of issues in the coming year.

As you well know, it’s an exciting time for our industry. The hotel industry is thriving, creating jobs and strengthening communities across the country. With nearly 5 million guests checking into hotels across the country every day, the industry generated $163 billion in lodging sales revenue last year, and raised $134 billion in business travel tax revenue – much needed dollars that go back into local towns, cities and states. Further, labor data show growth month after month, with our sector recovering from pre-recession lows and is now at its highest level since 2008. The hotel industry is also unique in its ability to offer entry-level jobs that provide good pay and benefits as well as quick opportunities for promotion. The majority of job positions in the lodging industry pay above minimum wage. Entry-level jobs offer a fast-track to upward mobility and serve as a gateway for new workers to enter the lodging industry. This year, we will build on this momentum and share this story broadly in Washington D.C. and state and local capitols across the country.

Lawmakers, stakeholders and Administration officials can expect to hear from us regarding the following topics this year:


  • Safeguarding the long-standing franchisor-franchisee relationship
  • Preventing extreme wage initiatives that are too high and too fast, resulting in negative economic consequences
  • Revising the Affordable Care Act to give employers and employees more flexibility

Technology and Distribution

  • Protecting consumers from misleading online advertising in the hotel sector
  • Ensuring tax parity for Online Travel Companies
  • Creating a level playing field with the short-term online rental marketplace
  • Curbing patent trolls and reforming the system

Travel and Tourism

  • Promoting and increasing international travel to the United

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Of course, we will continue to be vocal on a number of other issues, but we believe it’s important that we be very clear about what matters most to our industry and its continued success. I am extremely optimistic about the months ahead of us, and all that we will accomplish with the power of your voice. Thank you for contributing to our collective success.


Katherine Lugar

Learn about the Washington Lodging Association’s 2015 legislative priorities here.

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